pet material


Armlet of Obedience [Pet material]
An ornate yet saddening bracelet. It's the favorite of Isis.

Black Cloth [Pet material]
A black cloth with a strange feel. It’s Quve’s favorite item.

Book of the Devil [Pet material]
The black grimoire used to summon demon. It the favorite of Baphomet Jr.

Brighten Toast [Pet material]
Shiny toast. It can quickly refuel the energy, and is the favorite food of White Dog.

Canned Skipjack [Pet material]
Canned Skipjack is PENPEN's favorite.

Chewing Wood [Pet material]
Wood used specifically for chewing. It’s covered in saliva... It’s the favorite item of Fighter Ferret.

Contract in Shadow [Pet material]
A Contract in Shadow loved by Deviruchi.

Cosmic Soup [Pet material]
This chaotic energy is the result of science combined with magic. It’s pet Mini Eleking’s favorite food.

Crispy Straw [Pet material]
Carefully stacked straw, fragrant and crispy. It’s the favorite item of Puppet Knight.

Dark Bun [Pet material]
The unknown flavor of Wonderful Bun might suit the taste of certain special groups. It's the favorite food of Black Cat·K.

Dumpling [Pet material]
The traditional food of the Eastern country during the Spring Festival, the favorite food of Year of the beast.

Eastern Hazelnut [Pet material]
Makuro squirrel cannot eat much, but they like to store tons of hazelnuts to look for satisfaction. It is called "the squirrel symptom"

Fine Cuisine [Pet material]
Fine cuisine cooked with the finest ingredients in the finest cooking method. The monster Top Hat Frog's favorite.

Fish Crop Every Year [Pet material]
此鱼是生长于极寒之地湖泊中的鱼类,肉质鲜美不可多得,是大陆上的美食爱好者可望不可求的食材,宠物瑞兽·春兆最喜爱的食物。 (据说小瑞兽和小年兽关系特别好,小瑞兽经常跑去吃小年兽的鱼,一边吃还一边叫着:“年年有鱼!”于是这个词就这么流传了下来。)

Flashy Potato [Pet material]
Nutritional supplement full of the energy of earth, soft and tender in the mouth. The monster Mini Martin's favorite food.

Forbidden Fruit [Pet material]
You can expect something extraordinary to happen if you eat the Forbidden Fruit. It's The Fourth Angel's favorite.

Fresh Tree Bud [Pet material]
Fresh Tree Bud is very rare in Gingerbread City, the most favorite food.

Gift Box [Pet material]
A gift box once used to package some doll. The monster Teddy Bear's favorite item.

Goblin (Buckler)'s Ring [Pet material]
A ring with strange symbols on it. It’s the favorite item of Goblin(Buckler).

Golden Wheat [Pet material]
Wheat with a glittering shine of gold. The monster Bell Sheep's favorite food.

Green Apple [Pet material]
An not yet ripe apple that's fallen to the ground. It's the favorite food of Poring.

Hotheaded Cub Cookies [Pet material]
A special war bear Cookies made by Eden Team. It’s the favorite item of Hotheaded Cub.

Knight Bear Cookies [Pet material]
A royal medal issued by the Knights of Prontera. It's the favorite item of Knight Bear.

Magic Letter [Pet material]
A letter with a ghostly feel to it. It's Munak’s favorite item.

Magic Mooncake [Pet material]
Traditional snack from the Moon Kingdom, brought back by Sohee from her trip. (It can be used on the monster Moon Fairy. After a successful capture, the Pet Sohee exclusive skin will be unlocked.)

Magic Plate [Pet material]
A stone slate imbued with magical power. It’s Golem's favorite item.

Monster Besom [Pet material]
A besom enchanted with magic. The Dokebi's favorite item.

Monster Shield [Pet material]
A cool pair of miniature goggles. It’s Martin's favorite item.

Monster’s Proof [Pet material]
Proof of a monster’s power. It’s Orc Warrior's favorite item.

Mooncake [Pet material]
A festival snack from the mysterious eastern world. It's said to be loved by Moonlight monsters that have recently appeared at Prontera South Gate.

Morning Dew Straw [Pet material]
Morning Dew Straw: Straw that drips with water. Soft and with a sweet aroma that reminds one of sunlight. The favorite food of the monster Lucky Duh.

Moss [Pet material]
Moss that grows in the dark corners of the swamp is Spore’s favorite item.

Nutrition Potion [Pet material]
This nutritious fluid can be used to make facemasks. It's the favorite food of Mandragora Seed.

Nutritious Worm [Pet material]
A nutritious fat cockroach. It’s Peco Peco's favorite item.

Oak Trunk [Pet material]
An old coffin made from oak. It’s Whisper's favorite item.

Otherworld Cookie [Pet material]
Peculiar material sent from another world via a time rift. It smells great and has been proved edible. All specialists agree that it is a cookie from a different world.

Piece of Armor [Pet material]
A small piece of armor worn by Dullahan. It's Dullahan's favorite item.

Poisonous Grass [Pet material]
Fresh, tender, but deadly poisonous, this grass is Poison Spore’s favorite item.

Puffy marshmallow [Pet material]
Did you ever wonder what is it like to eat the cloud? Puffy marshmallow is the answer to that question! !This is Little Cactus Jemmy's favourite food.

Rainbow Carrot [Pet material]
A carrot that gives off 5 colors of rainbow and a tempting smell. It's the favorite food of Lunatic.

Raw meat with secret spices [Pet material]
Meat from some unknown animal. White Tiger's favorite.

Red bean mochi [Pet material]
Sweet and delicious, Pet Skewer's favorite items.

Royal Cub Cookies [Pet material]
A special war bear Cookies made by the Prontera Royal Family. It’s the favorite item of Royal Cub.

Scented Tea Carrot [Pet material]
Carrot grown in a scented tea garden. It gives off a classy tea fragrance! The favorite item of the Velvet Ear Bunny, Brulee Bunny, and Dora Bunny.

Shining Stone [Pet material]
A glistening rock loved by Green Petite.

Silver Knife of Chastity [Pet material]
Silver blade that symbolizes purity. It's the favorite of Sohee.

Special Soy Sauce [Pet material]
This special cooking soy sauce is also Gudetama's favorite item.

Steak Bone [Pet material]
A big steak bone. Great to sink your teeth into! It's the favorite item of Tiger.

Swaying Apron [Pet material]
A sexy and daring apron. It’s the favorite item of Succubus.

Sweet Milk [Pet material]
Specially made sweet milk. It's the favorite food of Savage Babe.

Toy gun [Pet material]
Toy gun of elegant craftsmanship, favorite item of Monster Cruiser.

Tropical Banana [Pet material]
The best banana grown in tropical areas. It the favorite food of Yoyo.

Well-Dried Bone [Pet material]
Sun-scorched bone. It's the favorite food of Desert Wolf Baby.

Whistling Flower [Pet material]
Even if everyone ignores him, Rocker will still be cherishing this flower, his favorite item.

Worn out Gorgeous Clip [Pet material]
This Clip has been used for a long time, yet it is still gorgeous as ever, favorite item of Monster Little Witch.

Young Girl's Love Letter [Pet material]
A secret love letter from a young girl. It’s the favorite item of Incubus.